Mako is an Adventurer and a novice battle mage. He is a part of the Dragon Slayers as well as a founding member.


Mako has green eyes and short, medium-length chestnut-brown hair. He also has freckles on his face, a skinny build, and slightly tanned skin.

Mako's most common outfit consists of a short-sleeved, blue-violet tunic with a thin belt over a long-sleeved gray shirt. He also wears a pair of baggy, white shorts, mid-length black socks, and red sneakers.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

Water Magic: Mako uses this type of magic to cast spells that control, manipulate, and utilize the element of water at his disposal.

Spirit Magic: A type of magic that enables Mako to cast spells that summons a spirit as their familiar.

Keen Intellect: TBA

Enhanced Speed: TBA

Enhanced Magic Power: Mako possesses an above-average level of magical power.

Battles and EventsEdit